History Of Awards

ISPA has some unknown recipients in its records. If you were an award recipient or have knowledge of who was, please contact our historian Bob Allenger at allenger@msd281.org

Year President SP of the Year Distinguished Service President's Award Friend of SP Lifetime Achieve Tom F Mem.
2020 Stephanie Carpenter
2019 Tammy LaBonne Leena Martin Weaver Naomi Aitken Evelyn Johnson Eric Zimmermann Joe Bisig Katrina Clifford
2018 Danielle Blackwell Jami Delgado Cristi Zimmermann Oliva Johnston Dr. Ninon Germaine Caralee Nulph
2017 Sarah Grinnell Gary Posyluzny Sarah Grinnell Lindsey Folkner Not awarded Wes Hunt
Sally Bosse
2016 Katie Webber Robert Allenger Bob Butterfield Dr. Tom Trotter Dr. Evelyn Johnson Mary Campbell
2015 Cathi Elliott Dani Blackwell Tammy LaBonne Sarah Grinnell Not awarded Ray James
2014 Kathleen Douglas Cindy Garner Robert Allenger Cirstin Zimmermann Darcy Beck Teresa Stivers Fritsch
Nicole Hart Carol Treat
Bea Harris, PhD
2013 Stephanie Dahlke Not awarded Not awarded Carol Treat Not awarded Not awarded
Robin Corder
2012 Rose Larson
2011 Rose Larson
2010 Brandon Romo
2009 Jayetta Rasmussen
2008 Cirstin Zimmerman Dan & Cheryl Daniel
Ray James
Cathy Doherty
2007 Dan Daniel Wes Hunt Not awarded Teresa Fritsch Amy Amarello
2006 Teresa Fritsch Cathy Doherty Chris Pickford Gene Lund Traci Glover
2005 Gene Lund Ray James, Nampa Gary Nunn, Pocatello Not awarded Not awarded Tom Trotter
Tom Fairchild
2004 Tom Trotter Rosanna Robbins, Post Falls Kay Anderson, Nampa Tami Hunt, Boise Dr. Anne Clohessy
2003 Tami Hunt Lyn Williams, Boise Larry Watson, Twin Falls Ray James, Nampa Marta Sandmeyer, Boise
2002 Ray James Corinne Bottrell, Caldwell Gene Lund, Idaho Falls Debra Hamilton, Blackfoot Dr. Pines
2001 Debra Hamilton Mike Lowder, Boise Jay Casper, Idaho Falls Marnie Watson, Meridian David Case, Blackfoot
2000 Marnie Watson Marilyn Watts, Caldwell Amy Brasley, Boise Cathy Doherty, Boise
1999 Cathy Doherty Marilyn Watts, Caldwell Amy Brasley, Boise Cathy Doherty, Boise
1998 Russell Hammond Dale Schmaljohn, Boise Kay Anderson, Nampa Russ Hammond, Pingree Hap Meyers, Boise
1997 Wes Hunt Christine Pickford, Boise Jerry Spadafore, Pocatello Wes Hunt, Boise
1996 Hal Poarch Charlie Wilson, Boise Ron Dobson, Boise Hal Poarch, Boise
1995 Amy Brasley Ken Dunbar, Boise Amy Brasley, Meridian Amy Brasley, Meridian Terence Neff, Coeur d'Alene
Susan Farber, Boise
1994 Jerry Spadafore Tracey Seeley, Moscow; Dale Schmaljohn, Boise Jerry Spadafore, Pocatello
John Cuoio, Pocatello
1993 Julie Solberg Larry Watson, Twin Falls Ken Dunbar, Boise Julie Solberg, Grangeville
1992 Ollie Reser Bea Harris, Boise Ollie Reser, Meridian Ollie Reser, Meridian
1991 Dave Robinson Tom Fairchild, Moscow Gary Stanton, Coeur d'Alene Dave Robinson, Iona
1990 Donna Bone-Toews Mike Lowder, Boise Bob Smith, Grangeville Donna Bone-Toews, Coeur d'Alene
1989 Hal Poarch Ollie Reser, Meridian Charlie Wilson, Boise Hal Poarch, Nampa
1988 Don Hunzeker No nominations No nominations Don Hunzeker, Jerome Gail Bray, Boise
1987 Gary Stanton John Fink, Coeur d'Alene Myron Severson, Nampa Gary Stanton, Coeur d'Alene Dave Cox, St. Maries
1986 Tom Fairchild David Robinson, Idaho Falls John Fink, Coeur d'Alene Tom Fairchild, Moscow
1985 Myron Severson Jim Topp, Coeur d'Alene Jerry Spadafore, Pocatello Myron Severson, Nampa
1984 John Fink Myron Severson, Mountain Home Tom Fairchild, Moscow John Fink, Coeur d'Alene
1983 Jerry Spadafore Henry Widmer, Gooding Beth Seale, Moscow Jerry Spadafore, Pocatello
1982 John Kelleher
1981 Marlese Teasley
1980 Mary Clare Kelly
1979 Alan Head
1978 Bob Zuroeveste
1977 Jerry Spadafore
1976 Dale Schmaljohn
Inception Tom Fairchild

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