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To improve communication between school psychologists four regions were defined: Northern, South Western, South Central, and South Eastern.  Each region elects a representative to serve as their voice on the Executive Board.


Representative: Bob Allenger

Extending from the Idaho/Canada border down to Valley County, the Northern region is geographically the largest area.

South Western

Representatives: Melissa Hegg & Sarah Novascone

Extending from the lower edge of Valley County to the southern border of Idaho and from Canyon County through Treasure Valley, the South Western region encompasses the most densely populated cities.

South Central

Representatives: Angela Mooney

Defining the south central portion of the state, the South Central Region runs from Twin Falls to Cassia Counties along the lower edge of to the southern border extending upward to Lemhi County.

South Eastern

Representative: Holly Tanner 

Defining the south eastern corner of Idaho, this region includes American Falls, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and extends to neighboring Wyoming and Utah state lines.

Regional REPRESENTATIVE Responsibilities

Regional representatives are elected annually and are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Call and preside at regional meetings
  • Serve as members of the Executive Board
  • Communicate Executive Board activities to the general membership of their region
  • Provide information on regional activities to the ISPA website

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