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Originally posted: January 2007

APA Model Licensure Act

NASP is asking you to take action to protect the future of school psychological practice and services to children, families, and school by contacting the APA Model Licensure Act Task Force regarding proposed revisions to their model licensure act.


APA is proposing eliminating the school psychology exemption in its draft revised Model Licensure Act. The model act has been used in the past by many state legislatures to guide licensing and credentialing decisions of psychologists at the state level.

The long-standing school psychology provision provides an exemption to APA’s model licensure act for school psychologists who are appropriately credentialed by their respective state board of education to hold the title ‘school psychologist’ and to practice independently in school settings. Its removal could negatively impact practice for Specialist Level school psychologists if states opt to revise state law accordingly.

Public Comment Period: Contact APA Today

The proposed changes to the model act are not final. APA has a 90-day public comment period to hear from stakeholders and the public. These comments will be gathered and reviewed by the APA Task Force revising the model to determine final language before submitting it to their governance for adoption. The comment period is now open and will remain open for comments until October 31. You are encouraged to read the full text of the proposed Model Licensure act at:

NASP is asking all ISPA members and other school psychologists to write to the APA Model Licensure Act Task Force urging them to reinstate the school psychology exemption.  We also urge you to reach out to stakeholders in your state, asking them to provide comment as well.

Sample Letters and Information Materials Available Online.

NASP has made available a variety of adaptable letters on their website for your use and for use by allied groups and individuals who could be impacted by changes that could come as a result of the availability of school psychology services.  You can access the draft letters on the NASP website at which can be downloaded, adapted, and printed on your letterhead and mailed to:

Practice Directorate – Attn: Lynn Bufka, PhD
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

Each of these letters is meant to be personalized.  Be sure to read the letter you’ve selected and take time to personalize it with comments or stories about your own experiences and how changes could have an impact in your school and community.  Please note that APA is likely to pay closer attention to its own members that take the time to comment.  If you are a member of APA, APA Division 16, and/or a doctoral level school psychologist - use that particular version of the letter.

This information adapted from the NASP website noted above.

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